DMR AS is an independent market analysis company that has produced detailed and in-depth analyses of the office- and computer equipment markets since 1989. Our analyses are available for the Nordic countries, and we have a close dialog with the most important companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Due to our long lasting relationships with manufacturers and distributors, our reports are known to be accurate and reliable.

The areas we cover today is office automation (projector, flat panel TV, fax, copy and multifunctional) and data (PC, server, monitors, printers, digital cameras and digital camcorders) We release our main reports quarterly, and for selected product areas we also release channel or dealer reports either on a quarterly, half year or yearly basis.

We thank all our contributors by providing the Executive Reports, which are brief summaries of the main reports, free of charge. The complete reports are available for sale to all players in the market.

Contact us either by phone or e-mail if you are interested in more information about our reports and what we can offer.